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60cm Gas
100cm Dual Fuel
100cm Gas
60cm Dual Fuel
60cm Gas
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100cm Hood
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Professional 1000mm Range Cooker
Cannon Cooker Range

From the new Professional and Traditional range cookers to our space-saving compact models, our cookers take themselves seriously. Built from the highest quality materials to exacting design specifications, the choice is breath taking, with combinations offering gas or ceramic hobs, single and double ovens, Solarplus grills, gas or electric fan ovens. All packed with common sense features to provide superb results for even the most demanding of cooks.

To view our wide choice of products please click on one of our product ranges below.

Professional 110cm Dual Fuel Cooker Traditional 100cm Dual Fuel Cooker 60cm Carrick Cooker 50cm Coniston Gas Cooker
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