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  Flame safety with Cannon
Flame safety with Cannon

Cannon is helping to revolutionise kitchen safety by ensuring all their gas and dual fuel cookers are fitted with flame supervision devices, extinguishing potential accidents in the home. Cannon is one of the first brands to ensure a complete range of cookers safe against flame failure, making your choice easier.

Starting from June 2009 all Cannon cooker burners will be fitted with flame supervision devices as standard. This ensures all gas and dual fuel cookers are safe against flame failure and helping to prevent the accumulation of gas.

What is a flame supervision device?

A flame supervision device is part of a gas burner device. It checks to ensure there is a flame at any burner in operation. If for any reason the flame is extinguished, the device automatically shuts off the supply of gas to the affected burner, preventing accumulation of gas. A flame supervision device may also be known as a flame safety device or flame failure gas-cut-out device.

Why have a flame supervision device?

To minimise the accumulation of gas leaks, regardless of the type of property into which it is installed. By offering this important safety feature on the entire range of cookers it means Cannon is designed for cooking with peace of mind.

Cannon also makes your appliance choice easier, since all cookers now comply with gas regulations issued on 1 January 2008. These state that all gas cooking appliances for use in flats and other multi-dwelling buildings cannot be installed unless they are fitted with flame supervision devices.

Gas regulations

All gas and dual fuel appliances should be maintained by a Gas Safe registered person. Cannon offers this service, call 0800 92 19 22 to find out more. As of 1st April 2009 Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI in Great Britain and the Isle of Man. The register exists to protect you, your family, and your property from dangerous gas work.

Check the qualifications on the back of the engineers' Gas Safe Register ID card to make sure they are competent to work on your appliance. If you have any doubts call 08004 08 55 00 and quote their unique licence number or visit the Gas Safe website for the ‘check an engineer’ service.

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